To Watch or Watch Out?


What to Watch in the Theater:
Krampus (PG13) opens today – do kids need a scary monster to keep them in line during the holidays?


Youth ( R ) opens today – does the beauty of the scenery add to or detract from the story?

The Good Dinosaur (PG) opened on 11/25 – how do they make the backgrounds look so realistic?

Stay tuned for more details on The Good Dinosaur poster, signed by Raymond Ochoa, that we’re making available for a charitable donation.

What to Watch at Home:
When Marnie Was There (PG) 
– similar to or different from a Miyazaki film?
The Gallows (R) – are low budget effects just as effective as the big budget ones?

Plus box office results, what’s opening soon or coming out on video, and movie news!