We Love it When Underdogs Prevail


What to Watch in the Theater:
Early Man (PG) is in theaters now. This animated film from Aardman is about a band of cave men trying to win back their land from a greedy Bronze Age aristocrat. The pace is brisk, and although lacking in character development, this movie will have you rooting for the underdog, or hog, as the case may. It’s a silly tale, full of historical inaccuracies and prehistoric sports, but sometimes that’s what it takes to produce a fun film the entire family can enjoy. Absolutely love Eddie Redmayne vs. Tom Hiddleston on the big screen – even if it is only their voices! Note to Nick Park: More Wallace & Gromit, please!
Our rating: 4.17 out of 5


Annihilation (R) opens today. This isn’t your average SciFi movie. There’s a bit more science than the usual alien invasion film, and some pretty serious relationship drama. The story, of a team investigating an unusual and seemingly dangerous, phenomenon is pieced together in flashbacks. The ending of this 2-hour movie seemed almost a bit rushed, but considering this is based on the first book of a trilogy, that could mean there’s already a sequel in mind. Kudos to a strong female cast, led by Natalie Portman. Their simultaneously fierce and flawed characters make for an interesting team. There was a little too much gore, in contrast to the beauty and wonder of the hybrid plants and animals created by “the shimmer.” Definitely an interesting watch.
Our rating: 4.25 out of 5

What to Watch at Home (Or Not):
Zombies (TVG) Disney has done it again – created a long-form program chock full of relatable characters and infectious song and dance routines, that your tweens will want to watch ad nauseum. There are some great lessons about tolerance and being yourself, and the music is REALLY good, even for a bunch of zombies and cheerleaders. In typical Disney style, the songs sound fresh and current, not hokey or like show tunes. Of course it did well in ratings, so we fully expect to see this bunch of teens reprise their roles in a couple of sequels.
Our rating: 4.25 out of 5

Battle of the Sexes (PG13) With stellar performances by Emma Stone and Steve Carell as Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs, this film gives us a look behind the scenes at the time surrounding the infamous tennis battle between the #1 ranked women’s tennis player and an aging former champion turned hustler. The real battles take place off the courts, with the female players vying for equal pay, and Billie Jean dealing with relationship issues. It’s an entertaining glimpse into an important time for women’s rights, and the publicity stunt that tried to settle the score – both on and off the court.
Our rating: 4.5 out of 5

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