Determination is Everything


What to Watch in the Theater:
Vice (R) is in theaters now. This is a biographical comedy/drama about Dick Cheney, brought to us by Adam McKay, who also created The Big Short. We see how Cheney got into (and out of, and into again) politics, and rose quietly through the ranks. Apparently it’s all about timing, who you know, and if those people are currently in favor. There’s definitely some conjecture, some tongue in cheek, and a political slant here. Your politics may determine your enjoyment of this film – our team was clearly split down political lines.
Our rating: 3.17 out of 5


A Dog’s Way Home (PG) is in theaters now. While narrated by Bella the dog (voiced by Bryce Dallas Howard), no dogs physically talk in this film, which is always a plus. Lucas takes Bella in as a puppy, and then drama unfolds, simply because she is a pitbull (although she doesn’t look it, her mother clearly was). They become separated, and Bella spends the rest of the movie trying to get home, over hundreds of miles of wild terrain. She encounters a variety of humans and animals, creates some interesting bonds, but never loses site of her goal to reunite with Lucas. It’s a heartwarming story about connection, which includes a sub-plot about dogs helping veterans. Make sure you have some tissues handy.
Our rating: 4 out of 5

What to Watch at Home (Or Not):
Good Trouble (TV14) airs on Freeform. This series follows up where The Fosters left off. Callie and Marianna are on their own in LA – out of school, in their 20’s and trying to balance serious jobs with social life and of course, life drama. They start making questionable decisions from the get-go, but have to be responsible for their own actions now, so there’s a lot of decision-making angst here. If you’re not familiar with the original series, this one might get lost among other shows about 20-somethings making bad decisions. If you’re a fan of the series The Fosters, you MUST check out this spinoff. (And yes, other members of the Adams-Foster clan will be making guest appearances!)

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