Fun Pets and Funny Singles


What to Watch in the Theater:
The Secret Life of Pets (PG) opens today. Another must-see family-friendly movie, whether you have kids and/or pets or not! And make sure you get there in time to see the Minions short before the movie.


Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates (R) opens today. A fun ride full of twenty somethings trying to find themselves. Be prepared for lots of partying and nudity.

What to Watch at Home:
How to Be Single (R) This movie features intersecting stories about singles making tough choices about relationships. It was not the party-hard movie the marketing suggested. Fun and heartwarming, with a likable cast.

The Fundamentals of Caring (TV-MA) Exclusive to Netflix, this film has all the teen emotions and foul language, and a really sweet story. Great performances all around.

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