Multipurpose Companion & Scaring Up a Sequel


What to Watch in the Theater:
Swiss Army Man (R) is in theaters now. This offbeat film is perfectly cast and a fun ride. Be prepared for some zany inappropriateness and to be left wondering.


The Conjuring 2 (R) is in theaters now.  This sequel lives up to its predecessor, and can also stand on its own. A good scare, with characters you can relate to, and no gratuitous gore.

What to Watch at Home:
Get a Job (R) Another movie about 20-something stoners, this one was made 4 years ago, before most of the cast members were well-known. Not the best, but it has its fun moments and the cast grows on you.

Search Party (R) This one was also on the shelf for a while, and feels like it borrows liberally from the Hangover movies. Be prepared for full frontal male nudity, some funny/stupid bits, and of course, stoners.

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