An Action-Packed Life


What to Watch in the Theater:
Annabelle Comes Home (R) is in theaters now. This is a sequel to the first Annabelle movie, with the action taking place after the Warrens add the doll to their vault. The plot mainly revolves around a time when the Warrens are away, and their daughter, Judy, has a teen babysitter. The babysitter’s friend accidentally allows Annabelle to escape, and other demons from the vault join in the chaos that ensues. There are some good scares and interesting plot points. Not quite sure why there’s an R rating, other than language and not terribly gory violence – perhaps too frightening for the younger crowd, because the protagonist is herself a child. This is good, solid entry for the Conjuring Universe.
Our rating: 4.25 out of 5


Spider-Man: Far From Home (PG13) is in theaters now. Peter Parker just wants to enjoy a trip to Europe with his classmates, but a fun vacation isn’t in the cards for him. He’s also dealing with losing Tony Stark, and trying to live up to the potential Tony believed he had. It’s up to Peter (with a new costume and nickname) to join forces with a mysterious new hero, keep his friends out of danger, and save the world from destruction – but is he up for the task? This is a thrilling adventure that balances the teen drama and action sequences very well. Make sure you stay till the very end!
Our rating: 4.83 out of 5 

What to Watch at Home (Or Not):
Then Came You (TVMA) is streaming exclusively on Netflix. This rom-com-dram follows teens Calvin (Asa Butterfield), who thinks he has a terrifying illness, and Skye (Maisie Williams) who knows she does. The two become friends, after Calvin reluctantly agrees to help Skye with her outrageous bucket list. It’s a bittersweet story about their developing relationship, and how each of their lives is enriched by the friendship.
Our rating: 3.83 out of 5

The Sting (PG) is available on DVD. This Oscar-winning classic follows a group of con artists as they plan and execute the biggest swindle of their lives. With leads Robert Redford and Paul Newman and some other notables rounding out the cast, this film includes a wonderful soundtrack of Scott Joplin tunes adapted by Marvin Hamlisch. The con job is as interesting and well-played as the Oceans films, but younger viewers may find the setting (Depression-era Chicago) less than enticing.
Our rating: 4.17 out of 5

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