Now You Should See Both


What to Watch in the Theater:
Now You See Me 2 (PG13) opens today. This sequel is just as magical as the original, AND we get a closer look at the characters, including some new ones. If you haven’t seen Now You See Me, watch that first.

What to Watch at Home:
Hell and Back (R)  The consensus is to skip this one, which is a real disappointment considering how much we LOVE stop motion animation. Note to film makers: Just because you CAN make something really adult, doesn’t mean you SHOULD. Note to MST3000 fans: If you give this the MST3000 treatment, we’d love to see it.

Fifty Shades of Black (R)  Spoof movies are better when they spoof multiple movies, otherwise there’s no connection if you haven’t seen the one movie they’re referencing. Skip this one, UNLESS you’ve seen Fifty Shades of Grey.

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