Finding Fun and Scares in the Water


What to Watch in the Theater:
Finding Dory (PG) is in theaters now. This is the must-see family movie of the summer. It’s a great follow-up to Finding Nemo, but can also stand on its own. Baby Dory is absolutely adorable!


The Shallows (PG-13) opens today. Move over Jaws, there’s a new shark in town. Blake Lively carries the movie well, and the anticipation is intense. Some gore, and you’ll definitely think twice about going in the ocean after this!

What to Watch at Home:
Grease Live! (TV-14) Pretty faithful re-telling, with just a few technical glitches. How they did this one as a live production is pretty amazing! Interesting to see a newer cast have fun with it.

Mistress America (R) Had trouble connecting to story and characters. Seemed rushed. Consensus is to skip this one.

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