Saving Lives & Living Them to the Fullest


What to Watch in the Theater:
Life of the Party (PG13) is in theaters now. Melissa McCarthy faces mean girls and frat boys  in this comedy about a divorced mom heading back to her alma mater for senior year. Her daughter is also a senior there, and if the premise sounds familiar, think “Back to School” from 1986, but from a female perspective. It’s a funny, feel-good film about believing in yourself and having fun.
Our rating: 4.17 out of 5


Breaking In (PG13) is in theaters now. Shaun (well-played by Gabrielle Union) takes her two kids to prep her late dad’s house for sale. They discover the house is like a fortress, full of the latest high-tech security. They also find a pack of dangerous guys trying to rob it. Shaun does everything in her power – and then some – in an attempt to save her kids. This is a great action film, without foul language or much gore, that shows just how strong a mother can be.
Our rating: 4 out of 5

What to Watch at Home (Or Not):
Mary and the Witch’s Flower (PG) is on DVD. This anime is the first for Studio Ponoc, which was started by a former Studio Ghibli producer, and the similarities are apparent. Mary gets temporary magic from a mysterious flower, and is transported to a school for witches. When her new friend is kidnapped, she must figure out how to save the day. The animation and characters feel familiar, with fantastic creatures, family secrets and a whole lot of fun!
Our rating: 4.33 out of 5

The Commuter (PG13) is on DVD. Liam Neeson is still doing action films, and that still works for us. This one is like “Non-Stop,” but on a train instead of a plane. A mysterious woman offers Mike $100,000 for doing a small thing. He just lost his job, so he needs the money, but as his ex-cop investigative skills kick in, he realizes the consequences are much higher than he thought. It’s a mystery and action film all in one, and a thrilling ride, without the gore and language you’d normally find in this type of movie. (We commend Liam for continuing this trend of  PG13 action films.)
Our rating: 4.5 out of 5

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