Adventures in Every Genre


What to Watch in the Theater:
Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (PG13) is in theaters now. Solid sequel with maybe a little too much hand-to-hand combat, but a great female role model. A new character added an unexpected emotional level to the story.


Trolls (PG) opens today. Family-friendly movie full of bright, loud, sparkly characters and catchy music.

What to Watch at Home:
Careful What You Wish For (R) Surprised by Nick Jonas’ acting chops in this movie with adult themes. It’s not a new story, but has some interested twists.

Be Somebody (PG) Nice indie film with some likable characters. Good take on a familiar story. Only thing missing was music from the main character.

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Back to the Future – What is the name of the scientist in the photo Doc Brown talks to?

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